The first few minutes of a presentation are crucial. How many times have you gone to hear someone present, heard the first few sentences, and started thinking of all the places you’d rather be? Unfortunately this happens all too often. And most times it is not the subject matter, but the person presenting that bores your brain into outer space. Their voice lacks the passion or vocal interest that grabs your attention. It is not uncommon for the “voice” that is presenting to be someone who has all sorts of credentials, but you begin to think to yourself, “Why are they speaking? If they can’t be bothered to be interested or enthusiastic about their specialist subject, why should I?

Voice Coach Training will ensure that you are NEVER that speaker!

By coaching participants to use their brain, body and voice in unison, these dynamic and highly effective courses are a must for all professionals who must get results whenever they speak. As the only courses of their kind in Ireland, participants are inspired to actively change their vocal habits, and feel more confident about how others perceive them. An interactive, challenging and enjoyable day, with immediate results.

Choose the one that best suits you:

  • Voice & Presentation Skills for the Newcomer (1 Day)
  • Excellence in Voice & Presentation Skills for the Executive (2 Days)
  • Secrets of Confident & Effective Speakers (1 Day)
  • Advanced Voice Coaching For Total Communication (2 Days)
  • Presence and Powerful Presentations For Women (1 Day)

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