According to research by the Harvard Business School, the number one attribute that will lead you to the top of any profession, is the ability to speak passionately, persuasively and professionally, especially in public.

Undoubtedly those individuals who can communicate with impact and win others over to their ideas, and way of thinking, are the ones who will enjoy the best careers, rewards and relationships.

For the last 20 years Poll Moussoulides, Director of Voice Coach – Total Communication Specialists, has been providing training to some to the country’s most influential Leaders and Teams in the political and corporate sectors.

The speed and complexity of change in organizations is increasing with alarming intensity. However endless qualifications, new vision, plans and processes alone can not deliver success. Change can be a complex psychological, interpersonal, inter-group dynamic process and often the mouthpiece of the organisation finds difficulty in transmitting the passion and enthusiasm to generate buy-in from colleagues, clients and customers.

The Courses below are designed to help Leaders and Teams master the art and craft of effective communication. Whether creating trust in the promotion of new ideas or products, whether guiding organisations through change and innovation, or whether instilling a fresh and renewed approach to confident, inspirational and dynamic speaking, these programs are invigorating for both organisation and individual.

Choose the one that best suits you:

  • Excellence in Voice & Presentation Skills for the Executive (2 Days)
  • Voice Coaching For Total Communication (1 Day)
  • Advanced Voice Coaching For Total Communication (2 Days)
  • Presence and Powerful Presentations For Women (1 Day)
  • Speakers Training Camp – The Ultimate in High Performance Communications (3 Days)
  • Voice Training & Communications Excellence for Sales Teams (1 or 2 Days)
  • One-to-One Coaching (as per requirements)

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